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We're becoming more environmentally friendly by going paperless this year! All enrollment will now be online, allowing you to enroll with more convenience and ease. 

Online Enrollment Periods

Online Enrollment

All registered students are required to purchase this insurance plan on a mandatory basis. Eligible students who enroll may also enroll their dependents.

Continuation Insurance

If you previously had Student Insurance coverage with Tuskegee University and you have lost eligibility, you have the option to continue your coverage for 90 days with the BCBSAL Plan. You must have been insured for 3 consecutive months prior to termination and must enroll within 14 days of prior coverage terming.

Click Here to Enroll in Continuation Insurance

Students with a Qualifying Life Event

Click the button below to Enroll in Medical Insurance if you meet the requirements of a Qualifying Event.

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Additional Resources

Change Address, Phone or Email

It is very important to make sure that your address, phone number, and email address on file at the school are current and accurate. If not, ID cards, Claims Statements and other notifications about your student health insurance plan may not get to you. If you have moved or your contact information has changed, please make sure you update your contact information with your school.

Additionally, please refer to to learn how you may update your address in our records as well.